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Testing 123

August 16, 2012


Simple device for RC boat turrets

February 9, 2012

So today I worked on installing a small ‘nodule’ into my hitec radio system for my boat. With this simple device installed, It means I cant accidentally slam the cannons into the deck as a spin them from left to right! Simple. Also it was  a great excuse to use the CNC machine.



October 4, 2011

Thanks to my missus’s dad, I got to borrow this big sucker to work the backyard over. She is a great unit to drive. I used it to dig huge French drains in the backyard (Had some problems with drainage) and also drill the stumps for my new deck. The pinching bucket on the front was really helpful to pull out the old stumps. Simply grip and rip. The stumps that I was digging out by hand (and taking hours) came out in seconds!


New (but old) hall table

December 26, 2010

New Hall TableSo, here we have Kylie’s new hall table. She picked it up for a few bucks off eBay, and it was in pretty bad nick. A few repairs were needed like fixing the drawer rails, re-attaching the lower (curvy) bits, and fixing the top surface. After years of sitting in someones back shed, the top had warped a good 35mm or so. I needed to crack it into four sections to get anything resembling level, then clamp, glue, fix and sand.

A few new handles, a paint, and we have a pretty nice looking (but retro) hall table.


Aww, but its cold…

March 27, 2010

I’m a terrible human being.

This isnt what I signed up for



March 13, 2010

So, this weekend we spent some time installing the new inter-cooler, plumbing and brembo brakes to the S3.

All went swimmingly. Kinda.

Nice. (Upside down, but nice)


The pups

February 8, 2010

Pics first.

Now that you have seen the pics, I will explain. They are a male and female German Shepard cross with Rrottweiler. They were found dumped, hungry and a bit scared. Their tales have been docked (fuckers) by the previous owner, but had not been desexed, wormed, vaccinated etc. Basically the last owner was a ass. We saw them at the Baccus Marsh Pound last Friday, and fell in love. We picked them up from Baccus Marsh Vet this afternoon. They have been desexed today so they are a bit groggy, but are waking up slowly. I think the boy is 100% awake, and the girl is about 80%. So far they seem to have a very mild temperament, and only just heard the boy bark for the first time before.

The girl is the one wearing the orange colar, she is named Echo. She is a bit smaller than the boy, and seems to be a bit skinny. We will fatten her up.

The boy is wearing teh blue colar. He is named Biscuit. He is a bit bigger, but still skinny.

Once they have settled here for a bit, I’ll get you guys to meet them. Dont worry, they are big and scary looking but are absolute sweethearts. I wont be insulted if you are cautious however. Hell people were scared of Chocky!



June 25, 2009

So, there hasn’t been any updates in ages, and thats simply because Kylie and I have been enjoying the house!

Since last public post, heaps of changes have taken place. In fact, looking back at the posts, I havent posed since we moved the furniture in! Wow. Months!

The lounge room has been finished, and we think looks great with our couch in there. Currently it is being used to store some junk that we had to remove from our old house, but Kylie is working on cleaning it up.

The study has been completed, and now contains my super awesome desk. All the cables are neatly tucked underneath, with a rail system being used to mount the monitors.

Tucked into the alcove left vacant by the horrible built-in wardrobe, is my 42RU rack. Probably only interesting to the nerds out there. All the equipment for the house (amps, computers, alarm system, dvd player etc) are stored in here.

The bedroom hasn’t had too much work. Just finished off the standard stuff, and popped in our new bed and bedside tables in there. The TV hasn’t been hung (or bought) nor has the cupboard actually got any shelves in it. Soon I’ll get that happening.

Dining Room
The dining room has been completed. The new dining room table (huge 10 seater) really fills out the area (at one stage I was worried that room was too big!). The hanging lights above the table worked really well. They are dimmable, so that makes dinner nice. Problem is, we don’t have chairs yet!

From the other angle (ignore the ironing board) you can see how cool the downlights work (also dimmable). Also in the photo is the inlet duct for the central heating. For about three weeks Kylie and I lived in a house with absolutely no heating. We would wake up and the house was three degrees. It was killer. even at night we would turn on the stove (with nothing in it) just to make some heat.

Anyway, Kylie and I are having great fun just living here!

Next time, some updates and pics of the outside and the shed!