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November 23, 2008

So, as you all know, we bought a house. Oh my fucking god. They are like expensive. I was going to buy a white one, and a black one to go with my different outfits, but after I found out how much they are, I’m just going to buy one!


So, along with my usual theory of the internets being my personal notepad, I post here everything I know.

First up. PICS!

Outside from the front.
Note the peeling paint, the ugly railing and the concrete porch which has buckled under its own weight.

Living room.
Note the cracks in the plaster on the far wall, and the archway which leads into the dining room. Ugly ass aircon and heater are going to go quick.

Google Satelite
I have outlined the property. As you can see, it backs onto and fronts different courts. The plan is, (10 years down the track) to split the back off, sell it, rent out the front place and make a tidy profit.

OMG, just look at that workshop. Fuck yeah.

New kitchen as you can see. Note the plaster above the exhaust fan hasn’t been painted yet (yep, its that new). I figure I can attach kylie chain to the floor somewhere here also.

Its pretty small, but its nice and neat. Kylie wants to change it already. Its last on the list.

So, we get the keys on the 19th of December (26 days woot). As you can see by teh condition of the place, it will be a few weeks before we ‘live’ there. We plan on fixing the walls, installing new lights, painting the walls and ceiling, and then replacing the carpet. We also want to knock down the wall between the living room and the dining room. Romas will help with this. After thats done we can move all our stuff in.

Gotta repaint the outside as all the paint is peeling, and tear out the front porch as it has all collapsed. New deck out the back (lame one currently) and a quick patch up of the shed and most of the work is done. Kylie and I have enough cashola to do most of the work, its just a matter of stopping Kylie from buying a new washing machine and stopping me from buying a new TV for the bedroom.

Which leads me onto my question.

Where should I put the study? More importantly, where should I put the rack?

Possible ideas are convert the living room into a study, use the living room as a study or use the second bedroom as a study.
My favorite is to use the second bedroom as a study, and hide the server rack in the cupboard which is accessible from the living room. This means that all the equipment (from modems to amplifier for the stereo) will live in that cupboard, and cables will be run from there. I reckon for the bedroom TV, I will need power, VGA, RCA, Coax (bloody Kylie likes TV), USB, left speaker, right speaker and headphones.

For the main TV room, ill need 5 speaker cables, 1 subwoofer cable, VGA, RCA, coax, USB and power. This way I can plug anything I want into the rack, and it will be on both TV’s.

As you all can tell, Kylie and I are super excited. We have been going to house inspections for the past 18 months or so, and only really got to the ‘trying to buy’ stage in the past few months. I cant believe that we got it!

(DISCLAIMER: We are having a building and pest inspection on Monday.)