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Quick update

January 25, 2009

So, today saw quite a bit of stuff happen (or at least get finished).

Firstly a warning. Unless you want to die, try to avoid going into your roof when its 30 degrees. The roof (ceiling, whatever) was about 45 degrees. I was actually cooking.

Everything was cleaned out of the house in preperation for the floor sanding man to come through on Tuesday.

Our new funky door handle installed on the back door. (matches the one which will be installed on the front.

Built in wardrobe has been built. Its got dual 920×2340 doors. I also whacked a GPO in there so I can put phone chargers and a light as well.

Downlights have been installed in a pathway from the kitchen to the front door. 50w Halogens FTW.

FTW again.

Anyway, tomorrow I will be cleaning the house a bit and doing a few minor things in preperation for Charlie (come to candy mountain!) to come door the floorboards.

Fuck Im dead!



Pics update only.

January 15, 2009

Kitchen is looking the shiz.

Master bedroom is looking big (surprisedly looking small in this photo but meh.)

Dining room is starting to take shape.



Minor update. Text only?!

January 13, 2009

Hey thanks T, yeah I have been uploading a bunch of pics to the gallery. For people who haven’t seen it in a while, I was going to post some updates. The reason I haven’t updated this thread is because I simply don’t have the time. For the last three weeks, any spare time I have had, I have been working on the place. I getup in the morning, grab the dog and the car, and head over. Work till about 11pm, and o home and crash. I can manage to update the gallery with pics, but getting on here and posting about it is a bit too crazy. Anyway, since I have been called back into work this week, I have a bit of spare time. (Kylie said “oh, thats good, you can have some time off, go to work”) LOL.

A rundown.

Outside – No changes. Minor bit of work cleaning out beside the house where Trebek and D found a concrete slab which will make installing a watertank much easier and cheaper (woot).
Shed – No changes. More junk piled in there, but thats about it. I have measured the area up (2850 x 9600) and am currently searching for a roller door for the front of it on ebay.
Bedroom – All walls fixed and re-plastered. All walls painted. Door and trim painted. Window fixed and 50% painted. Built in robe to be designed and built. Door repaired. New door handles. Carpet measured and booked for 10/FEB.
Study – All walls fixed and re-plastered. All walls painted. Door and trim painted. Window fixed and fully painted. Server rack alcove built and painted. Electrical work quoted. Door repaired. New door handles. Carpet measured and booked for 10/FEB.
Kitchen – Minor wall repairs completed. All walls painted and stupid mini bench removed. New dishwasher purchased and installed. Plumber installed new pipes for dishwasher, and new electrical point added. Room completed.
Hall – Arches removed and repair continuing. Linen closet mini-door removed and replaced with full size door. Floorboards repaired.
Dining room – Cabinet removed, heater unit removed, gas disconnected, wall removed, floorboards repaired. Ugly wooden coverings removed. Plaster removed. New plaster laid. Windows fixed. (Glass still cracked). Airconditioner removed. Plaster repair continuing.
Laundry – Ugly concertina door thing removed (with foot). Wall removed. In cavity sliding door installed, wall built. Wall plastered.
Lounge – Fireplace removed. Airconditioner removed. Plaster repaired. Windows fixed (Glass still cracked). TV mount installed. Arches repair continuing.
Bathroom – Walls repaired. Repainted. Feature wall painted. Window repaired. Shower re-sealed. Door painted. Door repaired. New door handles. Tiles painted. Room completed.
Misc – New roof supports added to change load bearing wall from dining room wall (now removed) to center wall. New ceiling joist support added to replace removed wall. Hot water system repaired. Two gas connections removed (fireplaces). Some interior coverings in shed removed. Garage roller door repaired. Tiles on roof repaired. Shelves (temp) installed in shed.

T, that mount is in the living room. I haven’t purchased the TV or the mount for the bedroom as yet. It might be a few weeks away. In regards to cost, it has been only about 35 hundred so far. Thats going to skyrocket soon, as we have the carpet (1,300) the floorbaords (1,100) and the electrical (3,000) as well as the plumbing (700) and the roof painting (2,000) booked. All in all, our budget will probably be 15 odd grand for a full renovation. Fucked if I know how long it will take though! My teory with this (and everything for that matter) is to try to do everything yourself. You can probably do nine out of ten things yourself and you will probably fuck the tenth thing up royally. It might cost you double for the tenth thing (to repair your fucup and get a profesional to do the work for you) but you will still be up for like 8 things. I’ve never plastered before, but its easy as fuck. I have never repaired floorboards before, but that wasnt rocket science. I havent installed a sliding door before, but it was do-able. Kylie has never painted tiles before, but it was easy. etc etc etc.

PJ, dont tempt me. You busy tonight? Im buggering off from work at around 16:30 and will be heading to the house to do a bunnings run and to lay some more plaster. Would love some help!

Anyway, back to work.