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Concrete porch b’gone

July 22, 2009

So, on Monday I decided to bite the bullet, get with the program and start the serious works up again. (Note for people not local, its been stupidly cold here lately. Buggered if I’m going outside for any reason!)



Now, I’ve just got a bucketload of dirt to move…

A small deck will be built just near the door. Nothing huge, just a large step really.


Workshop finished

July 8, 2009

So, after using a bit of a sick day (yes, I actually was sick, but being outside in the sun was making me feel better) to work on the shed, I can now successfully say that the garage is FINISHED!

(insert sounds of applause here :-) )

I finished off the second coat of paint on the west wall, and once that was dried, hung the wood rack, and hung some shelves. I also chucked in a tool holder for the big tools (shovels etc).

TinCan-House (Garage finished!)
Nice shot of the entire garage. I will be building another storage unit similar to the wood rack on the left for boxes of junk.

TinCan-House (Garage finished!)
Gratuitous shot of the lawn mower and the new wood rack.

Anyway, now that the garage is all done, I can focus my attention on the almost finished laundry and the bedroom wardrobe.