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September 28, 2009

So recently I have been working on the weatherboards to my house. Since the weather has been terrible lately, I haven’t done too much. It was however nice to start to see what the outside will look like once its complete.

The technique was pretty simple. Rip down the old weather-boards (being careful not to damage the good ones), insulate the wall with awesome insulation stuff, wrap the wall with a protective membrane (like alfoil) and whack the boards back up.

The boards are a bit of a bitch to strip back to a usable state. Many of them are just far too cracked to be used again. The bottom few were just too rotten to do anything with. The higher up they went, the better condition they were in.

To stip them back I ended up plaining about a mm off the face of the boards, and then sanding back with 40grit and then 80grit. It smoothed them out and in most cases gave me raw wood to work with. I don’t have any pictures of the boards being prepped but it was a bitch of a job. Probably took me 20min per board (5m boards). Thankfully, with them all up again, I think it looks a treat. Kylie is still yet to do her second and third coat on them, but that will be completed soon. They look a little dark in the photos, and this is because the wood is kinda shining through. With a few more layers of paint, they will look much more ‘whiter’ (we selected a off-white paint for the outside).

Anyway, pics!

With the boards down, you can see why the house gets cold. No insulation at all! Also, you can see the backside of my plaster repairs. The fireplace used to be there as did a air-conditioning unit.

Insulation in. This stuff is so easy to work with. All of it was up in 20 min. You can cut it with a stanley knife.

Weatherproof wrap. Now my house looks like a real construction zone! This stuff keeps out the wind, noise and keeps in a bit of heat. It also protects the hosue from damp and water buildup in the walls.

Ahh, thats better!

Its a pity I didn’t take any pictures prior to the wall being done. It had so many holes, cracks, chips and bad repair jobs that it just made me sad.



Porch finished!

September 11, 2009

So, took the day off to work on the house (and to look after my clumsy girlfriend).

Finshed the porch, and danm does it look good. it makes the rest of the house look shit! (well shiter!).

After I finished it, Kylie put a coat of this protectibve stuff. It supposedly seems into the wood, and will protect it for twice the time of a normal lacquer. It makes it look baller too. As you can tell by the following picture, I have used double countersunk hexhead bolts. The boards are 90mm Merbau. It works a treat. Its really easy to work with and only takes a little bit of power to take the bow out of them.

Changes the look a bit. I hope the colour staye for a long time.

The finished product looks the business.

Finished product. Should look a little less shiny after it dries.

Baseboards tomorrow, and a bit of filling for the low sections.