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Number 5 is alive!

January 28, 2010

Its alive!

The sucker in all its glory...

Ok, so its not number 5, its actually number two. CNC design number one failed a horrible death when I discovered that the flex in the center of the slide was something around 20mm at 5kg. Terrible. That table quickly became a workbench for me. But…

For the past week and a half, I have been building a CNC routing machine. I have planned on building one for over two years, but recently with the great Aussie dollar, and the after Christmas specials, picking up the electronics needed was a no brainer. I haven’t made any cuts with it yet as I am still configuring the software, but I have drawn some very straight lines with a pencil attached to the router head!

Basic Specs:
X Axis travel: 1200mm
Y Axis travel: 380mm
Z Axis travel 150mm
Spindle power: 1HP
Steps per rev: 200
Rev per cm: 7
(10mm / 7revs / 200steps = 0.007mm resolution!)

The electronics was purchased from probotix. I have gotten three of the small steppers (PK266-02A) that put out 166lb of torque. I have also grabbed a tripple relayboard which will control all the 240v AC equipment (router, dust collection etc)

It has the classic dual Vee linear slides with cheap 5/16 skate bearings.

The unit is very rigid, but is a bit of a mess as I haven’t completed the wiring or the mounts for the electronics. Once the machine is cutting, I will be making a mounting board for the electronics, and remaking a few of the scrappier parts. The plan is to get the small inaccurate machine to build the small accurate machine, to build the large accurate machine.

Its all controlled by a live linux distribution called EMC2. Currently sitting on a spare computer, and connected to the breakout board via parallel cable.

Most of the cutting I will be doing will be MDF of various thickness, balsa wood, foam, and some light aluminium.

Cant wait to make the first piece!


Windows and boards

January 3, 2010

So, quick update.

Over the weekend, we did quite a bit of work.

First up, we stripped back and repainted the exterior window sills on the back of the house.

Then, kylie re-oiled the porch as it was starting to fade from the sunshine.

I re-weatherbaorded, and repaired the garage surround. It still needs some detail stripping, and a paint, but it looks a million times better.
Note the secret movable board which allows access to the garage door button from the other side.

Then, Kylie painted up the baseboards. They look much neater now.

Anyway, hope you enjoy! Weatherboards on the front of the house coming soon!