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Blind watertanks.

March 31, 2010

Did a bit of work on the weekend.

Kylie painted the last wall on the bedroom, so that’s now finished. Hopefully this weekend, we will re-oil the porch, and it will look shmick. Also note the finished blinds. We now have brand new internal and external blinds. Woot. Very basic, and hopefully soon they will be electronic.

Planning to continue to work our way up. Eaves, Gutters, Facia, Tiles.

New watertank is in.
Hooked up to the toilet, collecting from the West side of the roof. While the plumbers were there, I got them to re-do all the water piping. We now have brand new pipes from the road, all the way through the house. Yay for drinkable water!

Also been working on the glazing. Have replaced 3 of the 6 windows that need replacing. By the end of the weekend, I hope to have them all finished. Pics of that soon.


Aww, but its cold…

March 27, 2010

I’m a terrible human being.

This isnt what I signed up for



March 13, 2010

So, this weekend we spent some time installing the new inter-cooler, plumbing and brembo brakes to the S3.

All went swimmingly. Kinda.

Nice. (Upside down, but nice)