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New spindle, new Z axis, new towers, New Machine!

April 26, 2011

It’s been some time since I have updated on my CNC machine, and quite  a few changes to my machine have taken place.


The new Spindle and VFD was ordered from China. Its a 3KW air-cooled spindle with a matching 3 phase VFD. It will do any speed between 0 and 24,000 RPM.

Google G1 in there for scale...


Here she is mounted to the machine. The tapped bolt holes make for a quick and easy mount job. At first I had the unit plugged in backwards so as I was actually spinning the end mill backwards. That meant that it was simply burning through the material. Ha! After I flipped two of the three phase wires, she ran the right way and cut like a dream.

Note the updates. New Z axis, and fully alum towers.


Currently I am working on controlling the speed of the unit by communicating via RS485. I have a USB to RS485 converted, but the VFD appears to be not communicating properly.


In the meantime I have been working on a few secondary systems. I cut the probe mount on the unit itself out of HDPE. The homing switches have also been installed.

Cut on the machine out of HDPE (chopping board) Currently has a few 'noise' issues. Hope to fix it with shielded wiring.


Update of renovations..

April 26, 2011

So, its been quite some time since I have updated the blog, mostly because it has been a terrible summer here in Melbourne, we simply didn’t have that much sunshine!

Anyway, enough excuses. I have been doing a bunch of things lateley.

Facia, Eaves and gutters.

Here is a photo of the front door as it stands. Note the additional of guttering, a down pipe, eaves and facia. Kylie is yet to paint the eaves, and will be doing another coat on the facia also. Since last photo (but not done recently) is the painting of the door surround. Kylie thinks there is too much white, so we will probably be painting the door grey or something. Usually the pot plant (far right) is beside the door, but I oiled the porch today, so I moved it.


Built a couple of new fences. They were simply falling down. (or had fallen down). The one out the front had just been neglected and a few palings has fallen off. The beams were so rotten that the palings were holding the thing up…

Yay for the little plants!


The one out the back has been pretty buggered for a long time. Recently the dogs pulled/knocked a few palings down. They had enough room to escape, but the good little puppies they are knew they shouldn’t leave. A quick trip to Bowens fixed that.

Goes all the way behind that plant to the corner.


Been working on the roof a lot over summer (haha). All the pointing was buggered, and most of the bedding was ruined too. After the success of replacing the tiles on the kitchen, a bunch of broken/cracked/damaged/old tiles were replaced all over the house. New gutters means that I shouldnt have to worry about the roof for a long time.

Gutters, Valleys, Bedding Pointing tiles Oh my!


Kylie’s mum was kind enough to give us a Spa! She is moving from her large family home, and downsizing to a apartment in the city. She couldn’t take it with her, so she gave it to us!


Currently it is sitting in the backyard waiting for me to pickup a trailer-load of sand. You can see the plot where it will reside. The deck will eventually surround this area with a bench seat at the end closest to the fence.

Ready for sand...


Next up, new postbox and a new bin hide.

Gonna get ripped out and replaced...