Dust collection finally!

January 14, 2011

The dust collection, fresh out of the box.I have just bought a 1HP Dust Collection unit, and I am hoping that once it is properly attached, it will eliminate most of the dust and chips. Its a Carba-Tec unit. Pretty basic configuration, with a 5 micron filter. One day I will get a 1 micron filter, but for now the standard one is a million times better than nothing.

A few blast gates positioned in proper locations, and I will be able to use the collection for the bench tools (Drill press, Drop Saw etc), for the power tools (belt sander, jigsaw etc) the CNC and the table saw. I have tested the table saw and I must say, I should have done it earlier!

Only problem I am getting is getting a perfect seal between the DC components (blast gates, T junction etc) and the 100mm PVC. The fittings are pretty good, but nowhere near sealed. (Sealant? Glue? Duct tape?) Currently using Duct tape which works pretty well, but not great.