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Aww, but its cold…

March 27, 2010

I’m a terrible human being.

This isnt what I signed up for



The pups

February 8, 2010

Pics first.

Now that you have seen the pics, I will explain. They are a male and female German Shepard cross with Rrottweiler. They were found dumped, hungry and a bit scared. Their tales have been docked (fuckers) by the previous owner, but had not been desexed, wormed, vaccinated etc. Basically the last owner was a ass. We saw them at the Baccus Marsh Pound last Friday, and fell in love. We picked them up from Baccus Marsh Vet this afternoon. They have been desexed today so they are a bit groggy, but are waking up slowly. I think the boy is 100% awake, and the girl is about 80%. So far they seem to have a very mild temperament, and only just heard the boy bark for the first time before.

The girl is the one wearing the orange colar, she is named Echo. She is a bit smaller than the boy, and seems to be a bit skinny. We will fatten her up.

The boy is wearing teh blue colar. He is named Biscuit. He is a bit bigger, but still skinny.

Once they have settled here for a bit, I’ll get you guys to meet them. Dont worry, they are big and scary looking but are absolute sweethearts. I wont be insulted if you are cautious however. Hell people were scared of Chocky!