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Dust collection finally!

January 14, 2011

The dust collection, fresh out of the box.I have just bought a 1HP Dust Collection unit, and I am hoping that once it is properly attached, it will eliminate most of the dust and chips. Its a Carba-Tec unit. Pretty basic configuration, with a 5 micron filter. One day I will get a 1 micron filter, but for now the standard one is a million times better than nothing.

A few blast gates positioned in proper locations, and I will be able to use the collection for the bench tools (Drill press, Drop Saw etc), for the power tools (belt sander, jigsaw etc) the CNC and the table saw. I have tested the table saw and I must say, I should have done it earlier!

Only problem I am getting is getting a perfect seal between the DC components (blast gates, T junction etc) and the 100mm PVC. The fittings are pretty good, but nowhere near sealed. (Sealant? Glue? Duct tape?) Currently using Duct tape which works pretty well, but not great.


Control Unit

May 19, 2010

So, I finally got around to taking a few shots of the control unit.

Starting from the top left, thats the opto-isolated relay control it turns the router/dust collection on/off.
On the right hand side is the breakout board. Basically a TTL level IO.
The three middle things are the stepper controllers. They are each connected to one of the 5 pin outputs on the side.
The funny looking red thing is my very own 5 way power regulator. It has 4 12v outputs (fans) and 1 5v output (relays).
Down the bottom is the power supply.
On the right is the main switch, and a handy status LED.
On the left are all the connections to the devices, including the 240vAC output for the router. (Shortly, the speed of the router might be controlled in software!)
On the top is the 60mm fan I whacked in there for good measure.

Still to be done are the home/limit switches, and actually wiring up the 12v heatsinks.

Thought you guys might like some pics…
You can see the new dust collection shield on this one. Works a treat. No longer does my router blow dust all over the joint. Now, the colelction unit sucks up 95% of the dust straight away. Need to get some brush seal stuff to stop the other 5%. You can also see the new e-chain being used on the Y axis. Much nicer. Also, the vertical brace is visible on the side of the machine. Seems to have tightened the machine up considerably.