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Ready to rock

November 3, 2010

CNC version 2 is almost complete. I have wired up all the steppers, and bolted all the mechanics in place. (Sorry about the annoying time stamps.)

Anyway, should be cutting its first piece soon!


Number 5 is alive!

January 28, 2010

Its alive!

The sucker in all its glory...

Ok, so its not number 5, its actually number two. CNC design number one failed a horrible death when I discovered that the flex in the center of the slide was something around 20mm at 5kg. Terrible. That table quickly became a workbench for me. But…

For the past week and a half, I have been building a CNC routing machine. I have planned on building one for over two years, but recently with the great Aussie dollar, and the after Christmas specials, picking up the electronics needed was a no brainer. I haven’t made any cuts with it yet as I am still configuring the software, but I have drawn some very straight lines with a pencil attached to the router head!

Basic Specs:
X Axis travel: 1200mm
Y Axis travel: 380mm
Z Axis travel 150mm
Spindle power: 1HP
Steps per rev: 200
Rev per cm: 7
(10mm / 7revs / 200steps = 0.007mm resolution!)

The electronics was purchased from probotix. I have gotten three of the small steppers (PK266-02A) that put out 166lb of torque. I have also grabbed a tripple relayboard which will control all the 240v AC equipment (router, dust collection etc)

It has the classic dual Vee linear slides with cheap 5/16 skate bearings.

The unit is very rigid, but is a bit of a mess as I haven’t completed the wiring or the mounts for the electronics. Once the machine is cutting, I will be making a mounting board for the electronics, and remaking a few of the scrappier parts. The plan is to get the small inaccurate machine to build the small accurate machine, to build the large accurate machine.

Its all controlled by a live linux distribution called EMC2. Currently sitting on a spare computer, and connected to the breakout board via parallel cable.

Most of the cutting I will be doing will be MDF of various thickness, balsa wood, foam, and some light aluminium.

Cant wait to make the first piece!