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Polycarb RC ship frame

January 16, 2011

Main frame with turrets, battery, some electronics and the CO2 cylinder attached.So, here we have the frame piece we have been designing for some time now. It’s really starting to come together. Some more work is needed, such as electronics wire routing, pneumatic routing and the ballast pump etc, but the basic shape is done. The frame ‘clips’ inside the hull so that we can quickly pull the frame out and work on it separate to the hull. Should make for easy modifications and maintenance.

The tail detail showing the remote rudder control, and the rear servo mount for the turret rotationSome detail of the rear section (stern that is). The yellow tube you see has a push-rod system in it, which allows us to remotely control the rudders. Hopefully as the rear sinks, the rudder control servo is still dry and hence the ship still functions correctly. Using polycarbonate means that the frame is bulletproof, and also makes maintenance easy because you can see any issues! This piece was milled on the CNC machine (Actually, it was milled incorrectly on the CNC machine, the next revision will be slightly taller.

Front detail showing the front servo mount, and the handles/access holes for the cylinder.Detail of the front of the ship showing the front servo mount (servo is a winch servo which permits full rotation of the turrets) and the access hole for the bottle and regulator. Here, you can also clearly see the detail of the cuts that are made with the CNC machine.

Using QCAD for the design, and Vectric Cut2D for the Gcode creation.Here, you can see the CAD design used to create the main central piece. Using a DXF compatible editor makes this process a snap.