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Porch finished!

September 11, 2009

So, took the day off to work on the house (and to look after my clumsy girlfriend).

Finshed the porch, and danm does it look good. it makes the rest of the house look shit! (well shiter!).

After I finished it, Kylie put a coat of this protectibve stuff. It supposedly seems into the wood, and will protect it for twice the time of a normal lacquer. It makes it look baller too. As you can tell by the following picture, I have used double countersunk hexhead bolts. The boards are 90mm Merbau. It works a treat. Its really easy to work with and only takes a little bit of power to take the bow out of them.

Changes the look a bit. I hope the colour staye for a long time.

The finished product looks the business.

Finished product. Should look a little less shiny after it dries.

Baseboards tomorrow, and a bit of filling for the low sections.


Porch frame

August 30, 2009

So, a bunch of work went on today (just ask my back).

Today dad and I (Thanks dad!) put the frame in for my new porch!

We used to have a huge (7m x 4m) Concrete porch which was all cracked and looking very terrible out the front. We removed that and found a mini concrete porch underneath. Kylie and I decided that we wanted a small wooden porch out the front to bring a bit of rich color to the otherwise modern looking house (well not yet, but the plan is a modern color scheme).

Between drizzles of rain we managed to get the entire frame in and concreted. As yet it has no deckboard on it, but we are thinking 140mm merbau done nice and dark rich. We think it will look great. It is also the bit I have been waiting for to get started on the weatherboards out the front, so expect to see them change over the coming weeks!

Main supports up. Once this section is in, the rest sorta ‘fits’ around it.

Photo taken by Kylie once she got home and was surprised to find us building a porch! This is pretty much how it looks now.

Anyway, It was bloody hard yakka. 400KG of concrete bags, 46 bigass bolts and 42 meters of wood.

Next weekend, the covering boards!


Concrete porch b’gone

July 22, 2009

So, on Monday I decided to bite the bullet, get with the program and start the serious works up again. (Note for people not local, its been stupidly cold here lately. Buggered if I’m going outside for any reason!)



Now, I’ve just got a bucketload of dirt to move…

A small deck will be built just near the door. Nothing huge, just a large step really.