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February 11, 2009

So, nothing much new. Just a few little bits and pieces to show you guys. No new floorboards or walls missing or anything.

The place now has skirting boards. It cleans the whole mess up alot. Unfortunatly Kylie and I cant sweep stuff down the gaps though. :-)

And the new door is in which looks baller if I do say so myself. Electronic door latch has been implemented and is ready to be hooked up (Wires hanging under house).

New shelves have been installed in the cupboard. Kylie was all excited to start using them for storage. Oops, all used :-) Also, as you can see, all the architrave has been done.

Im currently in the process of building the study desk. Its 700mm Wide, 700mm high and will be painted semi-gloss black. Its full free standing wityh supports of the wall. The material is double thckness (glu-ing ATM) 18mm MDF. (Giving 36mm thick desk). It feels nice and chunky. Very supportive of three or four LCD’s.

Thanks to Kylies uncle (Andy) his mate donated a 42RU Hallam rack cabinet. It has a nice glass front and twin 10 amp power rails down the back. A quick coat of paint and some castors and she will be the business.

Anyway, thats all of the update for now. I’ll jump into bed.