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Ready to rock

November 3, 2010

CNC version 2 is almost complete. I have wired up all the steppers, and bolted all the mechanics in place. (Sorry about the annoying time stamps.)

Anyway, should be cutting its first piece soon!


Workshop finished

July 8, 2009

So, after using a bit of a sick day (yes, I actually was sick, but being outside in the sun was making me feel better) to work on the shed, I can now successfully say that the garage is FINISHED!

(insert sounds of applause here :-) )

I finished off the second coat of paint on the west wall, and once that was dried, hung the wood rack, and hung some shelves. I also chucked in a tool holder for the big tools (shovels etc).

TinCan-House (Garage finished!)
Nice shot of the entire garage. I will be building another storage unit similar to the wood rack on the left for boxes of junk.

TinCan-House (Garage finished!)
Gratuitous shot of the lawn mower and the new wood rack.

Anyway, now that the garage is all done, I can focus my attention on the almost finished laundry and the bedroom wardrobe.




June 25, 2009

So, another quick update (well not a update but I just took some photos so meh).

Here is the current status of the garage. Its heading towards being done. Currently I am plastering the front half of the inside, and hence have moved all the junk to the rear half (yep, messy). This weekend, I’ll be doing the basecoat of the plaster, and then top-coating it if I get the chance. During next week, I’ll force Kylie to paint it for me (Mwahahahaha). Once thats done, I’m gonna sort out a bunch of tool hooks for shovels, brooms, axes etc, and im going to make a few quick shelves for things like oils for the car, and spraypaint cans.
Appologies about the zoom, it makes it look skinny.

My new (old) workbenches are in, and I cut them down so that they are at the same height as the built in bench at the back. It makes for lots of room for doing work.
Also, on the right, you can see my ‘work in progress’ CNC bench.

Ive started to hang all the tools and make mounts for the things that I cant hang properly, but its a big process. So far only a few things are actually up on the walls properly, the rest are just whacked in place.
Also note the speaker for the stereo. It makes chilling outside much nicer.

Anyway, cheers all!


Shed fun

March 9, 2009


We successfully put the garage door up after around 4 hours of mucking about with it. Its a bit of a bitch to get working but the answer lies in the spring (remember the spring that made it turn while we were carrying it? well, we accidentally turned it the wrong way, and so the door was trying to forse itself closed. Kinda sucked for the motor which was trying to lift the entire door AND counter-act the force of the spring). Well, we got that working, and now I have a awesome garage door with remote beeper and everything.

After that, things got exciting.

Kylie cracked the shits because I hadn’t checked if I could invite people over, and she kicked everyone out. Was kinda embarrassing, but meh. I was stuck between arguing with Kylie and trying to calm the masses. Before I had done anything, people kinda started to leave (figuring they didnt want to be around for our domestic).

Anyway, was fun while it lasted.

So anyway, this is what the garage door looks like once its mounted.

Who's around this weekend?
Garage door looking like the shizzle..

Could do with a paint, but apart from that, it glides quite easily. The motor section had to be moved a little into the wall cavity, but thats nothing that cant be fixed with a little artistic plaster work. Thankfully the concrete is ‘reasonably’ level. You can see the gap on the left hand side between the bottom of the door and the ground, but it shouldnt cause any dramas. If it does, I guess i’ll have to level out the concrete by re-covering it.

Today, I decided to clad the outside of the shed with hardiflex. Its super awesome to work with. Really string, but still cuts with a circular saw quite easily. Doing it by myslef was a bit of a challenge as there were a few times where I had to balance whit with one hand whilst holding soemthing with the other and pressing against it with my foot.

I think the final product came out pretty good. Really depends on what colour we paint it. I’ll have to find some bigger flashing as I managed to make the gap 160mm in some sections even though my flashing is only 150mm. Stupid me. So anyway, now I am using the shed for its intended purpose. Storing tools!

Who's around this weekend?
The ouside of the shed in all its unpainted glory

Who's around this weekend?
Oooh, look at all that awesome.

Now for a quick update on the rest of the house.

Scott and I put the rack inside, and it fits like a glove. The cabling should workout quite well, but will still be a challenge not to get the rack to run over it when its wheeled out. We also mounted the TV on its mount, and it looks awesome. Only problem with it is the dodgy Soniq mounting bracket was built by a blind taiwanese man, and hence is uneven. We fixed it by sliding the TV (substantially) to the side. (Jake, whats the return policy on these fuckers? I dont want to rip the ‘wall’ section down, i’d just like to return and swap the ‘TV’ section of the mount. Possible?)

Who's around this weekend?
Room looks awesome. Sorry no pics of the TV.

Last week I had the electricians through. They ran a new circuit to my study, and commented on ‘OMG, the wiring in this house is 50 years old’… duhhhh! They have now wired me with two RCD’s and 6 seperate circuits for the house. For teh study, we have a seperate RCD+fuse for its own little run. I had them install 3 x 4port GPO’s under the bench, and 3 x 2 port GPO’s which were isolated by a switch on the wall. This means that when I walk out of the study, I flick a switch near the lightswitch, and all my monitors and speakers and all that accessory junk goes off. (now, Donks and PJ. I dont want any funny business when im playing CS-S. flicking off my monitor right befoer the kill shot will get me angry :-P)

Who's around this weekend?
Nice pic of all the new wiring. Taken before the cover was put over it.

Who's around this weekend?
See the GPO’s under the bench

Anyway. Thanks muchly for your help this weekend fellas. Is awesome to have a shed again! I promise Kylie wont be a crazy bugger next time I see you. I told her never to do it again. Twice. Once in each eye. (Note for Scott. Previous sentence not to be taken literally :-P)